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I got hooked on art at age 10 when a friend's stepmother gave us oil painting lessons. But as I was choosing a career, fine art didn't seem practical so I received a BFA in Graphic Design to support myself. However, over the last 30 years of marriage, raising a family, cross country moves and jobs, I've kept up my art skills with lots of practice. I've finally come to a spot in life where I'm dedicated to pursuing art full time.
I like to keep my artwork structured with good drawing yet I try to keep my brushstrokes loose enough so a viewer knows it’s a painting. The brushstrokes are used to create the impression of the scenery, how it was lit and how it felt to be there capturing the moment. I love to work from life and I frequently paint en plein air, at weekly life drawing sessions and in my studio on still life arrangements.

 I believe that fine art is for everyone because enjoyment of a beautiful moment captured in art can be understood by all.


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