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Colleen Smagge, is an Athabascan and Navajo artist, an Alaskan resident of the Kenai Peninsula known for its world class fishing, turquoise blue flowing waters, Chugach National Forest and its scenic mountain ranges.  She works out of her home studio and travels the state gathering inspiration of life in Alaska, its history, wildlife and landscapes.


Colleen's artistic talent started from drawing wildlife and Native American Indian portrait at an early age.  She continued her art by attending workshops from well known artists.  It gave her confidence and she began painting seriously in 2012.  Her passion is watercolor and she continues to develop her skills and style in this medium.  She is fearless at painting and will find the inspiration in her subjects.  Clients will contact her to paint portrait of their beloved pet or present ideas for a custom painting for their collection.  Her love of nature can be found in her paintings of wildlife, landscapes and vibrant colors in her Alaska floral series.  Some of her latest work shows what living in Alaska is like.
Colleen shows in exhibitions across Alaska and her original and reproductions may be found in private collections throughout the United States.


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