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Colleen began her art career working out of Carefree Fine Art Studio near the home she shared with her husband, Tom, in Carefree, AZ in 2009.  While Carefree was new on their long list of residences across the country, they originally moved to Arizona in 1992 and found themselves longing for the desert once again while living in Florida.  However, in 2014, they found themselves once again packing boxes and moving "home" to California.
Tom’s job with the “Feds” as a criminal investigator afforded them the luxury of living in beautiful areas in this country.  They have traveled quite a bit in Europe; the scenery and art museums have sparked an interest in what now is Colleen’s delight for producing art.
Colleen’s passion for art did not begin with a paintbrush.  In her very early years, she danced wherever and whenever she could.  She has studied all forms of dance and continues to do so today.  Her second passion was inspired by her grandmother who taught her to cook at the young age of 7.  By the time she was in her 20’s she opened a catering business in Los Angeles and enjoyed the satisfaction of arranging and preparing meals for wedding receptions, birthday parties, business dinners and lunches as well as the grand opening of EF Hutton.
Today, 30+ years later, Colleen finds inspiration through art.  She began her current passion by studying with many talented instructors in the Carefree-Scottsdale area and has produced works of art in a multitude of mediums.  While she enjoys the experimentation, today she is concentrating on oils, watercolors and inks.
Colleen is dedicated to her art and paints every day to perfect her talent and explores many different subjects for her work.  In 2012 Colleen received her jury status with both the Arizona Art Alliance and the Sonoran Arts [...]

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