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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $200.00 - $500.00
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as a theatre actor when I was 9,  I have always been involved in the arts.  In high school I segued from acting into technical work, behind-the-scenes, followed by a course of study at U.S.C. Film School.  Once in the real world, I worked as a draftsman on film/television projects, including: “Robocop 2”, “JFK”, and “Tales from the Crypt”.  Later as a production designer my credits include: “Alien Nation”, “Saving Grace”, and and photography have always been a part of my creative output.  I have worked in oil, pastel, and now watercolor.  The fluidity of this medium seems to fit me at present. In photography, when I discovered gumoil  I changed my printing process to it exclusively.  Merging my old friend oil paint with photography added a wonderful impressionistic quality to my subject matter and themes tend to reflect the natural world.  Of particular interest is chronicling impermanence, the continuing cycle of change, decay and re-birth; in line with a Buddhist view of live and work in Los Angeles with my husband David and our German Shepherd [...]

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