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Art has always been my way of understanding the world and exploring topics.  Art is certainly my way of communicating and learning.  It is my meditation, zen and prayer to paint.  It is also my joy to share with others.  When I was younger I was more competitive.  Art shows always pit artists against each other for prizes and sales.  After four decades as a full time artist, I have boxes of ribbons, degrees, certifications, and trophies. More relaxed than competitive now, I still organize art shows for others because I know the need to show, be recognized, sell and share art with the world.  For me it is more fun to work with others than be the solo artist in the attic.  To fulfill that end I bought a large building and filled it with art heaven: gallery space, art supply store, art studios, frame shop and gifts for creatives.  The local art association calls it home and we entertain and teach art and music classes.  The people at the place are my chosen family and we have been together for about 25 years now.  I am a prolific painter.  My students motivate me to have new projects every week.  As their leader, I keep my skills sharp and practiced. I recommend teaching  to any artist - it makes you a better artist.  Nothing worth a lot comes too easy.  It has come with much work and a few challenging times.  I say that to you because perseverance is the only way to get through a career in art.  Find a tribe that you feel good with and challenged by and create!  
Okay enough rambling.  I am the author of "Watercolor for Dummies" and "Acrylic for Dummies", Wiley Publishing.  I am a signature member of Colorado Watercolor Society.  My husband owns [...]

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