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Born and raised in small town Montana, Cody grew up around the western way of life, with wide open spaces and rough terrain made up of ranchlands and farm fields.  By the age of five his parents had him entered in the sheep riding at the local rodeo.  In junior high, he was riding steers, and as an adult he worked his way up to a PRCA Bullfighter.  At an early age he found a knack to draw and create based on these surroundings.  Over the years Cody has mostly taught himself to draw and paint, but has attended the Scottsdale Artists School under the guidance of Grant Redden and Jim Norton.  Growing up in Russell country, Cody often visited the Museum and could wander the halls for hours admiring the works of some of the world's greatest artists.
Today, Cody's works capture a moment and intend to bring out the best and most unique elements of that single slot in time.  "In my opinion, there is no better subject to capture than the western way of life.  There's something nostalgic about it.  Trends and technology come and go, but the western lifestyle lives on just as it has for decades."  Viewers will surely find this one of a kind spirit in every one of Cody's pieces.  Works are currently available online and at Latigo and Lace Art Gallery in Augusta, MT.
Cody is a graduate of Montana State University and lives near Denver Colorado with his wife Michelle and sons Lincoln and Maverick. 


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