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     Cliff Nystedt lives and works in "The Hamptons", on the "East End" of "Long Island", "New York", and has been doing so for over twenty years. He was born about sixty miles west of there in New York City in 1947, but grew up near the midpoint of the Island in Port Jefferson on the north shore. He has taught on just about every level from workshops to high school and college, and enjoys teaching what he has experienced so far to others.
      "The East End has been a great inspiration for me; the many artists that have made pilgrimage here, the unique light that it basks in, and the stories it communicates to me, which are evident in my work. Not to be illustrative, but a bit narrative at times, if to no one but myself.  My other interests in living here have found their way into my work at times and are all part of getting it (my interactions, sensitivities to, and response)down on canvas or other media before it is all gone."
      "The Trucks were like faces peering out of the woods, the vines and vegetation, the abandonment; asking me to tell their story. I found that the human condition and humor applied very well to these rusty, relics of yesterday. They too needed recognition for their place in history, each layer of patina a different chapter and I enjoyed them very much; so did my patrons. The cars, I can only say that for me, there are so many cars, and not enough time. My fascination with the automobile is shared by many. The cars of yesterday, and a few today are works of art all to themselves, but the memories they evoke is the resonance I look for in my work. I believe everyone should have their priceless auto on the wall inside the [...]

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