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Mr. Goss was born in Cleveland, Ohio and has resided in the state of Kentucky for the majority of his life. He is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a B.F.A. degree. Mr. Goss also acquired a M.A. in Interior Design from the University of Kentucky. 
Mr. Goss' professional career included creative work throughout various industries. His creativity was communicated through two- and three-dimensional projects in areas such as retail, entertainment and manufacturing. Additionally, Mr. Goss instructed various university courses including illustration, color theory, and design studio.
Artist Statement
My current work is best summarized as "freedom of expression". Each painting is an escape from my career of communicating "realism"- to now expressing a "visual experience" on the canvas. 
Color is the primary design focus in the creation of my paintings. Color palettes range from minimal to complex and are inspired by a love of nature and balance. My paintings are a "fluid" creation incorporating additional design elements including movement, rhythm, texture and shape. 
My challenge is to combine the emotions and creative process of an artist and to provide a unique visual experience to each individual observing my paintings.  I am fascinated by each viewers' interpretation and emotional reaction to my work.

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