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Birth Year:  1950
Country:  USA
Clay Platner was born in Burbank, California
Clay Had his first art experience at the age of twelve, he attended his first art lesson and was hooked.  The colors, the smell of the paints; the impressions to canvas using a brush was unforgettable.
In 1985 Clay was enrolled in the California Art Institute where he spent four years honing his skills of concentration in life and head drawing, figure drawing and quick sketch. There he learned the value of drawing and sense of complete design and composition which he feels are the elements or foundation of all art.
Clay has worked in oil, watercolor, and acrylic among other media. Because of his love for brilliant colors, he works now only in oil which has become his favorite media.  Those brilliant colors are evident particularly in his vibrant landscapes.
An expressionist by persuasion, Clay creates color splashed canvases that seem to move and shift.  Color is applied in loose but well-controlled brushstrokes that add mystery and a sense of fleeting time to the subject that he captures.  Such a technique stirs in the viewer emotion rather than recognition of a particular photographically exact portrayal either of a face or a scene; creating a highly stimulating painting.
Clay has been expressing his passion for art for many years and enjoys traveling and discovering landscapes and people to paint.  Clay chooses his landscape subjects from all across the western United States. He does not however paint as if he was using a camera, but brings to his work the artist’s extreme sensitivity, the painter’s eye and the poet’s ability to transcend the moment.  They are associated ideas that go far beyond simple realism.
Clay Platner
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            Moorpark College, Moorpark California
            Graphic Arts                                                                                                            1997

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