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Claudia Morgan works in drawing media, oil and pastel. She is known for her drawing skill, and drawing is the foundation of her work. She observes powerfully so as to be able to render the fullness of an image with a minimum of lines or brushstrokes. She conveys three dimensional reality while calling attention to the flatness of the paper or canvas by the expression of the individual lines, brushstrokes and pastel marks.
 Implicit in Claudia’s work is the joy that flows from seeing/drawing as an act of mindfulness. She is engaged by those subjects one can see only by being wholly observant—the elegant curve of the stem end of a peach, a well-worn building that holds decades of human stories, a contemplative gaze, an almost-hidden alley just noticed in passing.
After an academic career in the biomedical sciences and later as a university administrator, Claudia retired and now is able to focus on her lifelong avocation, fine art. She has taught drawing at the Pacific Art League in Palo Alto, California. She lives in Cupertino, California and Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Her work can be seen at the Portola Art Gallery in Menlo Park and at ArtworkArchive.

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