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Claudia was born in Germany but has lived in Alaska since the early 1990ies. She first arrived in the state on a bicycle, which she rode up all the way from San Francisco in an epic 6-month camping trip . Claudia's love for the wild places, plants and animals of the Arctic fueled her decision to make the state her home. She enrolled in the University of Alaska as a grad student in biology and completed a Master's and PhD degree studying the ecology, social behavior and physiology of muskoxen, caribou and reindeer. After the completion of her PhD, she moved to Nome on the Alaskan Bering Sea coast, where she teaches and conducts research as faculty in biology at the University of Alaska's Northwest Campus.
Throughout her years as a field researcher, Claudia was occasionally inspired to draw or paint a bit, but in 2012 she made a commitment to start painting regularly and build a consistent body of work as an artist. Since then, she paints nearly every day, usually late at night since she is quite a natural night owl.
Whether as a scientist or as an artist, Claudia is inspired by the beauty and mystery of the natural world. The small, overlooked details, such as the chaos of rotten leaves on the forest floor or the patterns of veins in a mosquito's wings, inspire her just as much as the majestic landscapes and mountain vistas. Claudia continues to find inspiration in her work as a biologist as well as on many skiing, hiking, paddling and camping trips in her home state of Alaska and abroad.
In science as well as in art, the goal is to find the patterns behind Nature's seeming chaos and to uncover the story behind it all.
Claudia and her dog live in a small house on [...]

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