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C J Schwarz, Artist

I love our natural environment.  My love of nature started at an early age being encouraged by my father.  As a child I spent countless hours outdoors.  I stopped at home for meals, but most days I could be found in the woods or doing crafts such as making ink out of flower petals or creating clay animals.  I lived for the freedom of summertime.  As I got older I relished in spending my time hiking, biking, camping and visiting new and exciting places.   I recognized the benefits to health just by being in nature.
I have vivid memories of Summer camping trips we took to places that seemed exotic to me. I remember distinctly staying in a providence camp site in Nova Scotia viewing the ocean on one side and hearing the sound of bagpipes in a distance.  I was equally affected by a visit to Lake Erie in the 1970's when the EPA was being founded.  The condition of the water system left a deep impression on me about the mandate for stewardship of our beautiful land.
In my early years I was aware that I was drawn to art and did well in many of the classes I took over the years.  Life took me, however, on a very different path towards work with others in the area of health.  I obtained a Master of Social Work and worked for many years with different populations of people and eventually became fascinated with acupuncture.  I returned to school in 2001 to study a form of acupuncture which is strongly tied to nature and health.  I obtained my Master of Acupuncture degree in 2005.
I began painting about 10 years ago.  I paint in oils because I love the richness of the colors and because I  admire the masters.  [...]

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