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I am a self taught artist... sort of.
I had a lot of artists sharing their knowledge with me in some form or other.
I have always been creative and love to create from scratch whether it is cooking, knitting, weaving, or art. I love the planning of the project, the research, and then the actual project itself.
I started by learning how to draw. It was something I always wanted to do so off I went in search of lessons via books, websites, and classes at the local community college. That led to water color paintings on paper then acrylic painting on my children's walls. I then decided that I really wanted to learn how to paint "well."
Off I went again looking for resources to teach me how to paint "well." Thank you to all the wonderful artists who have shared their knowledge on YouTube, Craftsy, their own personal websites and in books. I am always amazed at the science behind the art, especially in oil painting. There is science as well in how you see an image, how the light changes color, and then how to recreate that on a flat surface. I'm not done yet learning how to paint "well" because what I did learn was that it is the process of a lifetime.
Years down the road, I am still loving the whole process. I have been accepted into juried art exhibits and sold my artwork and I just never get tired of it. I love the excitement that comes with setting out my paints, mixing up colors, then picking up my brush and off I go on another adventure.
...Cindy Zink

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