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Cindy was born and raised in San Diego. She has loved art as far back as she can remember. Her letters to Santa were always for art supplies and dolls. After out-growing dolls, her parents converted her playhouse into her first studio. In her mid-twenties, she moved to the Central Valley of California. At the time, she was painting in a more whimsical style. Her work was featured and sold in galleries and shops along the Pacific Coast. In her thirties, she graduated from the University of The Pacific in Stockton with a multiple subject credential and a supplemental credential in Art. Cindy taught second grade for several years and during the summers taught private art classes for children. Since that time, Cindy`s work has encompassed many different styles and genres.  She started out painting mostly portraits and figures but after having a home on the Central Coast, her love of not only painting the landscape began, but her love of painting outdoors as well.  She especially loves now traveling and painting in various new areas and meeting up and painting with fellow artists all across the U.S. and abroad.  Besides her formal training at U.O.P, she has studied under such known artists as:   Kim English,   Daniel James Keys,  Brian Blood,  Gil Dellinger, Kathleen Dunphy,  Jeffrey Watts,  Peggy Kroll Roberts, Timothy Theis,  Anita Louise West,  Johnnie Liliedahl   Dean Packer, Bob Burridge, Mark Farina and Lori Putnam
EDUCATION:  University Of The Pacific: B.S Liberal Studies/ Minor in Fine Art/Supplemental Credential in art
Artist Statement
I once heard a saying, “To be inspired means to be in spirit“.  For me, being out among God’s great creation is the best inspiration.  There, all of my senses become part of my painting, not just sight but touch and sound, all flowing [...]

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