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As an artist living in the beautiful city of Nashville, Tennessee, I have always possessed a sense of excitement when allowing my inner self to release its creative gift.  I have long enjoyed painting even while raising a family and pursuing a career in the medical profession.  In 2020, I had the opportunity to slow down and devote more time to my passion.  I relied on my emotions, imagination and experiences for inspiration to create my abstract works of art.
Influencing my hand on the canvas are colors, shapes and gestural markings that come to life before my eyes.  Simplistic when viewed individually, blended together they unleash an imaginative spirit, bringing emotion and life to my art.  The wonderful subjective element of abstract art allows viewers to create their own tales from the emotions that spring to life from what their eyes behold.  Unleashing this imaginative spirit and exploring a personal path of discovery are the joys of abstract art.
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