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I hope you can connect with the paintings and they speak to your soul, as you look at "my morning treasures" you can be present and forget all your problems and see how beautiful and powerful that moment is.
There is a calming and pure heart felt feeling in that moment when I find my morning treasure it is that experience that I want to share with you,  love, joy and gratitude in the now. 
I usually walk everyday looking for my morning treasures or should I say they find me. There is very strong attraction to that beauty and wanting to capture it and share it with others.
When I am in the process of taking the photos the images and colors all fall into place.  I make a sketch and later in a total zen like state of mind I produce the final artwork so that you can experience the passion and emotion that is in each painting.
I came to Vancouver in 2019 after many years in Japan and I am dying to integrate myself in the art community here.
Will be having art showings at my place for anyone that is interested so please contact me. 

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