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Like most artists, I started drawing before I could write.  A little girl in love with everything pink, I first copied the ballerinas on my bedroom wallpaper.  Luckily, over the years, a few important teachers helped me find a more original voice.  In my childhood, a school art teacher introduced me to the world of texture and color, striking an important chord.  From then on, I was in love with all things artistic. However, it was not until adulthood that I found my own inspiration. Again, it was the good fortune to find caring, thoughtful, skilled teachers that led me first to drawing monochromatic portraits, and later to painting in pastel.  Through the process, I realized that the act of painting has helped me to see and to appreciate the world around me more than I ever realized. I now specialize in portraits, landscapes and still life.  The light, texture and forms that draw me to landscapes and still life are enhanced in my portrait work by the gesture and sparkle that light the human face. 

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