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I love creating fused glass art. Deep fused glass takes a long time to produce but the end result is worth the time and effort. My goal is provide a unique experience by layering glass with photographs and/or paints. Although many think of glass as rigid and simple (if they think about it at all), I find it to be beautifully complex and full of possibilities. 
My work as an investigative television correspondent, producer, and true-crime author has helped protect people and their money from white-collar criminals and con artists. While I was excited to know that people were learning from and enjoying my television reports, speeches, and true-crime books, it's my hope that people enjoy my multi-layered, fused-glass art projects and find the unique process as fascinating as I do.  


My approach to fused glass includes a complex sequence of impregnating separate sheets of glass with still images. I especially enjoy using both landscape and wild animal photos. Using special enamel paints that fuse with glass at high temperatures in the kiln, I often combine painting with the photographs and may add accessory glass such as frit to enhance the artwork.

Elements in photographs may be digitally separated and placed on separate layers of glass to create depth in the finished product. Each layer is fired separately in a kiln. When all layers are ready, I will combine them to create a multilayered, deep-fused piece to evoke a sense of depth-of-field. [...]

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