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I am a Signature Member of Oil Painters of America. I returned to oil painting on March 16, 2009 after a long career as a residential and commercial interior designer. Basically self-taught, my early interest in the Masters is evident by my sensitive approach to light, colour and form which has evolved somewhere between classical and impression. My paintings are typically large scale with a wide subject range. 


Born 1941, I reside with my wife Brenda in Richmond, Virginia, where my studio is located. I also maintain a full gallery at Crossroads Art Center since 2010, where my originals and fine art reproductions both on canvas and paper are weekends I can often be found mentoring and coaching a group of like minded artists under the banner of Swimming-in-Paint at Crossroads Art are two basic approaches seen in my style. When I'm in the mood for detail, a more classical approach emerges. However, most prevalent is abstract realism with wet-in-wet luminous light effects with abstract brushwork that is remarkably realistic at a distance. In either technique, my real subjects are color, movement, luminous light effects, reflections and atmospheric transparency. The binder is capturing the essence or an emotion Final think making art is the closest thing to immortality any artist could hope for. The real reason I paint!"
Chuck Larivey Turner, editor of Fine Art Views wrote: Artist Chuck Larivey works primarily as an oil painter. He states that his paintings are typically large scale landscapes favoring the sun or the moon with dramatic atmospheric translucent light effects merging into the earth’s surface. Chuck has garnered acclaim for the way in which he handles water in his [...]

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