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I am an artist based on Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore - a setting that continually inspires with its bountiful farmers markets, antique shops, and Chesapeake maritime heritage
My art reflects my passion for the still life.  When I am struck by an everyday object; something I can find beauty and spirituality in, full of emotion, I am motivated to give it visual expression. If we take the time to observe, to freeze-frame a moment in our lives, we can see that’ it is absolutely gorgeous.
I am a true colorist, always trying to effectively create moods and feelings through the interplay between color values and light and shadow. I work to explore the juxtaposition of the colors so that the subject pops.

My paintings have also been described as having an impressionist aspect, deriving from my efforts to exclude as much detail and information about the subject as possible. I create works capturing a moment in time that tend to reflect, and hopefully to evoke, feelings rather than a narrative statement or commentary.                                                                                                                                                 
My work is currently featured at the Troika Gallery in downtown Easton, across from the historic Tidewater Inn. While I am an autodidact artist, I have studied intensively and completed artist workshops with a diverse group of accomplished artists, including: Louis Escobedo, Nancy Tankersley, Laura Robb, Robert Johnson, Stanley Bielen, Ken DeWaard, Greg LaRock, Valerie [...]

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