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From Chris Turri’s early years as a silversmith and tradesman, Chris’ creative capabilities were apparent in all aspects of his life. In 2006 Chris went into his studio full time to redirect his artist focus, fabricating sculpture from new and reclaimed metals and developing his “special sauces” to create unique patinas on copper and steel. Transforming the “skins” of old vehicles – 40’s, 50’s & 60’s – Chris uncovers the elements in the metal that tell stories from another time and brings a richness and deeper character to the work.
Throughout his life Chris has scoured the desert for the memories of those who lived before. Native cultures hold a special place deep inside, so he gratefully borrows some of the iconic imagery of indigenous peoples and blends them with universal symbols and materials of a more recent time.  Chris’ abstractly figurative sculptures are a contemporary expression of the harmony in diversity. 
Through the process of exploring textures and the alchemy of his patinas, Chris recently developed a line of mixed media art - patina on cloth. The new work was born, from the shadows of his metal sculptures and the stories they tell.
“I’m excited to share this new work that I developed over about four years of experimentation. The idea came to me organically as I was experimenting with textures and patinas on my sculptures. From that point on the work became intentional. As I continue to create sculptures, the patina on cloth is curing, layer by layer. So, they really are the shadows of my original work and the shadows of the stories people told through cave drawings and rock art. “   Chris Turri
In Chris’ metal work he repurposes a variety of unusual metals. So too, Chris utilizes reclaimed cloth that comes from the shadows of the lives of others.  The patina on cloth [...]

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