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     I'm mostly a self taught painter, although I did study under the late Robert K. Abbett for several years during the 1990's. I live on a small hobby farm and share the land with cows, goats and chickens along with a few cats. My animals have provided me with laughter, tears, a few gray hairs and an endless source of painting ideas.
     I make my living as a Graphic Designer. Always one to enjoy a steady paycheck I never made the jump to full time professional fine artist. I use to lament over that choice when I was younger, but that decision has allowed me the creative freedom to paint what I truly want and in a time frame of my own choosing. Not having to worry about the next sale is a freedom that I really enjoy.
     I've never pursued gallery representation and have chosen to do only two commission jobs in the last twenty years. I do however enjoy entering juried art shows. I get a real kick out of seeing if a painting of mine spoke to a Judge enough to choose it for a show. Although I've certainly had my share of rejection letters, thankfully, for the last couple of years more often than not I get accepted and for a couple of days feel like I'm doing something worthwhile.

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