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My fascination with art began at an early age and my upbringing contributed much to it.  There was classical reading and music appreciation in my home.  There was Masterpiece Theatre, Boston Pops, ethnic cabaret style music on weekends.  My eyes were constantly glued to picture books, historical paintings, the vanity and professional portraits that hung in retail and municipal establishments in my home town.  The two pivotal circumstances that solidified my direction was a visit to the New Britain Museum of American Art and the National Museum of Warsaw, Poland.  While viewing Jan Matejko’s huge mural, - The “Battle of Grunwald” and Malczewski’s “The Death of Emilia” I made a commitment to figure out “the secret” to controlling the brush and paint to convey what my imagination desired.  I was 9 years old at the time and those events took place around 1970. 
I started sketching in junior high and playing with low grade paints and brushes. In my high school years I received emotional support from my art teacher (and sometimes my peers), although she didn’t do much to help me technically.  It was a typical high school art class where the minimum was taught and the kids treated it as recess time.  I took it seriously though.  I realized how naïve and under-instructed I was when I took a sketching class in college and the professor rolled his eyes while witnessing me sketching with a #2 writing pencil.  (If someone had told me about H & B series pencils and where to buy them, I could have been spared some embarrassment).  Eventually, through books, additional workshops and classes, frequent gallery and museum visits and of course trial and much error, I finally figured out whatever there was to figure out and arrived at a certain point of competency.
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