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I am a painter and printmaker. My primary practice are divided into two main areas, commissioned portraiture and figurative / environmental. Historically , since 1992, portrait commissions have been the larger part of my work, however not exclusive. For the last 6 years I have been pursuing a change in genre. It has taken me significant time to arrive at this new focus. As a child I was fascinated with life on earth, its plethora of living species and ourselves, human beings , how we are built , how we make our lives and our relationship with earth. The environmental and cultural concerns being addressed in the 1960’s and 70’s have effectively set me on this course. These same concerns exist even more today.
My true love is combining the figure, fauna and flora of earth, human made objects and humanities myths and stories to engage the viewers consideration of humankind’s impact upon the whole environment and consequentially itself. My point is to touch upon the inseparable dependence we have with earth, and choice as a gift we have to better determine our true wealth. For example I use myth to illustrate our timeline and perspective relative to our biosphere, commercial products as literal pollutants, symbols of psycho social conditioning  and to date the moment, real species of nature to contrast between the destructive normalizing artifice and selfishness we have created. Weather also is a big player in my compositions reflecting the response to humankind and speaks of a more capable, extent, intelligence in operation which we now find ourselves regarding more seriously.  
My process typically includes familiarizing myself with examples of mythology, environmental biology, art history, current day matters, human history, aboriginal peoples, imagery and objects of all types. Generally I have an idea that involves an engaged figure or figures to [...]

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