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Christopher (Kit) was originally trained in Oils and Acrylics at Northwestern University, but 'switched' exclusively to Oriental Inks in 1999 while living and studying in China and Singapore. His Master was Nai Swee Leng and Kit was directed to him by his Framer in Singapore to become a student and develop a unique form of representational Western-Oriental style.

Kit enjoys commissions, and has executed several large works for customers including M. Zimmerman and the Henry Ford Foundation/Hospital. He paints on heavy D'Arches in a usual 12' - 24' X 18' - 36' format, or alternatively on Rice paper or Rice-paper Collage mounted on canvas structure, from 5 feet to 9 feet to accomodate commissions for specific home or office needs. His Commissions include an extensive review with the customers, and assessment of room/office color patterns and backgrounds.

His style is best described as Representational Art, a blend of free-expressionistic post-modernism with discernable figure-ground relationships and recognizable patterns, portraiture, and scene.  His adaptations of Master Naiís style is a blend of oriental free-expression both black inks and colored ink-water-colors, with Western overtones in execution and use of color.

Kit was the only Western Artist juried into a prestigious Singapore Oriental Ink Exhibition in 2003, and was subsequently published in a Fine Art Book of the Exhibition.

Kit also practices medicine at the Detroit Medical Center, and maintains an active studio in New Baltimore.


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