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Christi Ziebarth, Artist
Contemporary Mosaic Guitar Surfacing
Chapman Lakeside Studio, Warsaw, Indiana, USA
Thanks for stopping by! Like the inner wooden braces of a guitar that hold form in it's grasp while empowering function, at MY core, I am an Artist who chases freedoms by helping others find, own, claim, and renew their own...in a new voice and with a new song--A Visual Song.
Mesmerizing color and concentric motion is my driving force. Every artist is entitled to their own Source. Rather, it owns me. I believe in New Songs. Nothing and no one is too olde, too young, too lost, or too anything to be given new life, new hope, renewed faith and a new song to sing. Even when the song can no longer be heard...Art can gift it to be seen!
As a 15-year (pre-studio) Art Educator, my doors were always open to every student;       because potential always exists to be awakened, love conquers, and common grounds can always be found. As a Mama-of-4, my kids begin each day with a, "Good morning, Sunshine!" from me;       because they are my light. As a lover of Lake-living and forest trail-walking, my eyes are ever watching for beauty to unfold in nature;       because God created first.
As a participant in Community, I give a visual voice to many through Artwalls, Murals and Memorials,       because "Together, we Can". (See Community Artwalls here.)
As a Colourist, I find strength in blended concentrics,       because every circle autonomously belongs while merging into the next. (See my spins here.)
As an Artisan-Maker, I am mesmerized by Mosaic, (See a video of my Studio here.)      because this is where 100's of separate pieces find their place. (See a home staged in 17 Mosaic Works here.) 
As a Writer, I tell my stories and [...]

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