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Artist StatementWe are all far from perfect . . .  yet striving to achieve an ultimate balance with nature, the world and with others.
Every time I look at blank canvas, I see a story untold, possibilities unlimited. I use reds to brighten my morning anxieties, I use yellows to calm my after-dusk blues into the friendly greens. I feel empowered to project sunrise before sunset. It just takes a few drops of color to alter what you might think is impossible.
I hope that my work could bring you joy and make you see beyond limits of the moment. An optimist by choice I'm here to make your day feel better.  All is possible, and the best is in the future.

Christine's European heritage has always been an inspiration for the art she creates today. After completion of the School of Art & Design she pursued her career as a set and costume designer in theatre. Theatre however could not replace her passion for canvas and color, hence her art adventure started.
She immigrated to the United States in 1981 from Poland.  Initially, fascinated by found objects, Christine began with collages and mixed media to gradually progress to abstract paintings. She paints with vivid acrylic colors on single or multi-panel canvases. Her diptych and triptych works create a sequence of images, that when put together, make a visual celebration to the eye and mind.
Her modern, expressionistic pieces usually introduce elements of mystic surrealism and always seek to capture emotions and subjective interpretation. Her shapes, lines and forms are meant to create a separate reality from the visual world. Through powerful color choices and dynamic composition she explores her own emotions and memories. It is an escape to somewhere she wants to be, or a feeling she wants to have.
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