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  • Price Range: $40.00 - $2,000.00
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I’ve always been making art. And it’s always been pictures of animals..
It started as a birthday gift, a portrait of Pugs, to my friend Bill, his owner. It is now 10 plus years of pet portraits a couple of illustrated childrens’ books, city mural art and my own personal portfolio all focused around animals. The joy that pets bring us, and we as humans so desperately need, is what I try to capture in my portraits.
I grew up in rural Massachusetts surrounded by family and lots of animals giving me an inspiration. Luna, my adopted kitty is one of the biggest reasons why I support animal rescue by donating gift certificates towards commissioned pieces.
The act of creating, the time at my watercolor table, listening to birdsong out my window or Opeth out my speakers, is the part I love the most. Playing with pigment and water, racing against time with paper and brushes for that perfect hound dog expression.. My oils are an extreme challenge for me as I am still learning to control the medium.
 All my life, I’ve observed people enough to know that they love animals but some are more apt to watch a kitten video vs. go outside and watch birds (for example). So I think now, I’m trying to bring some of those critters into view with my art and not tune them out. I want to stress to people that we are sharing this planet and to be mindful of that.
Christine is a founding member of Unbound Visual Artists,www.unboundvisualarts.orghttp://www.unboundvisualarts.org/">www.unbound visual arts.org>

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