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I was born and raised in Chicago, IL so I am a "city girl" at heart.  My degree in Architecture reflects my love of the big city, inclusive of skyscrapers and the daily hustle and bustle of city living.  However, I have a deep appreciation and connection with nature as can be seen in many of my landscapes and floral pieces.  Soft Pastels and Photography are my primary mediums.  I have also worked and enjoyed other media, such as oil, charcoal and colored pencil.
I continue to expose myself to different techniques, styles and media so as to expand my abilities and share my artwork with others in various forms.  And at the opposite end of the spectrum, or left side of the brain, technology and all of the new "gadgets" that keep popping up interest me greatly.  So apparently the left side and right side of my brain are equally prevalent and I would love to find a way to incorporate the two!
I have always been an artist at heart... I started drawing at a very early age.  Watching William Alexander on Channel 11 WTTW, "The Original Happy Painter," inspired me with his oil paintings that seemed to come to life with a few simple strokes of his brush.  I have attended art schools throughout my life as can be seen in my biography, with a final degree in Architecture.  This degree was a combination of science and art, which seemed to utilize all aspects of my nature as described above : )
For most of my life, my style has been very exact and precise, which was a reflection of my view of the world around us.  As life experiences have occurred and became part of my personal history, my view has changed.  No longer are my paintings [...]

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