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Christine is an award-winning self-taught artist whose creativity emerged by way of Divine inspiration. She began her career in 2013 after several years of walking a spiritual path, trying to find a purpose.
Christine shares her inner light in a way that has a positive effect on those she comes in contact with during her journey in life.
As her collection of works grows, so does her technique, expression of color and texture, ever evolving with each new piece she creates.
Christine goes on to say, "Art, in any form portrays a story, perhaps the story of one's deepest thoughts and emotions. I sit without any pre-planned thoughts about what I am to create, just the intention that, in the end, it provides the viewer with a sense of connection."
"Your art is meditation, each square centimeter opens slowly like a budding flower, unwinding part of me with it. Something opens up. Words don't do the experience justice."
     - Laura Sheehan, Sheehan Chiropractic & Nutritional Wellness
"I am sure that Claude Monet wishes he could meet you! Let your garden grow."
     - C. West Rowles, Graphic Designer

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