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Christine Janos was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, the European center of art and music by an artistic mother with a love of ballet and fine art.  Christine loved to draw as a child and used pencil, charcoal and sometimes watercolors.  Her dream was to come to America and draw cartoons for Disney.
Although they adored the arts, her parents wanted Christine to be in a secure job, but she convinced them to let her find a job that was artistic in nature. She chose an education in reproduction photography and lithographic retouching. Christine worked in the printing industry for several years but soon realized this was not about creating art, but more about duplicating it, although she did learn about color theory.
During that time, Christine had the good fortune to meet Professor Fred Zeman, a well-known Austrian artist, whose artwork is exhibited in the "Leopold Museum" in Vienna. He encouraged Christine to pursue her passion and was a mentor for several years.
Since that time, Christine has traveled to over 30 countries and had the opportunity to study art in Greece, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. Christine’s travels have provided her with a unique perspective, which is reflected in her work. Her primary medium is acrylic on canvas but also works with mixed media and is currently experimenting with encaustic painting techniques.
Christine currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Tampa Bay.

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