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 Christine Diemer Iger grew up amongst the beautiful Napa Valley vineyards.  She started paintIng when she was thirteen, under the tutelage of her mother, an accomplished artist.  Christine’s first art exhibit was while attending St. Helena High School.
  Only after retiring from her legal career did Christine’s life-long love of painting emerge as her full time devotion.  Through her Linger Arts Studio in California she took art courses and focused on her unique style, medium, and subject matter. She went on to establish her Shadow Mountain Art Studio in Palm Desert, and fine-tuned her love for vivid southwestern landscapes.  Ultimately, her pieces have been exhibited in public facilities and private businesses throughout California.
  With a bountiful catalogue of work, Christine relocated to Sedona to fully immerse herself in paintings showcasing the vibrant, intense, colors of the Southwest. Her Sedona Art Studio enjoys big, bold panoramic views of the majestic red rocks and lush green forests. In Christine’s current oil and acrylic pieces, her enchanting style and expression through vibrant colors of nature has flourished.
  While painting, Christine’s exuberance brings to mind Henry David Thoreau, who also thrived on the “tonic of the wildness.”  Christine’s art celebrates the vital connection of life with nature.
 “When painting, my eye captures that emotional moment of feeling overwhelmed by a scenery’s simple beauty.  I translate onto canvas those unforgettable instances when I am in awe of the magic from nature’s gifts. I use color, without limit,  like nature’s palette. It is my hope that my heartfelt appreciation for nature will leap off the canvas and brighten a viewer’s day.”
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