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It was a revelation for Christine Crozier growing up just blocks from San Francisco Bay, that not everyone had beautiful murals painted on the walls of their homes.  Her father converted white walls into flights of fancy and imaginative scenery.  The warmth and influence of that environment had a lasting impact.  Family activities were always outside: hiking, backpacking, lake and river swimming, and Crozier recalls carrying a sketchbook at every family hike and outing, drawing and painting at every opportunity, and eventually following her father’s lead, if not his advice.  “My parents always told me I could be anything I wanted to be.  But I remember when I told them I wanted to be an artist, their response was, ‘well…maybe not that.’”
Thinking she might still be able to spend most of her day outside, Crozier decided to study marine biology.  But art kept calling.  She enrolled at the Day Studio of Decorative Arts in San Francisco, where she soon became a part-time instructor.  When the owner of the school started a decorative art and design company, she hired Crozier and six of her classmates to paint murals and other art for restaurants, hotels, and private homes.
“I love the decorative arts and continue to create and repair murals in some of America's most beautiful homes.  But in 1989 I decided I wanted to learn to paint oils on canvas.”  Crozier found a teacher who became a mentor, an inspiration, and a friend-Carmel artist and gallery owner, Martin Weekly.  “Marty taught me an important lesson; to look for art in the simplest of scenes.  His philosophy was that you don’t have to fly to Europe or hike for miles into the mountains to find interesting things to paint.  Some of the most beautiful scenes are right there along side the road.”  That [...]

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