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I like to express my joy for life with rich, bright colors in my journals and paintings.  I turn to nature and my love of travel for inspiration in my work. Whether the warm yellows in a sunflower bouquet, the brilliant blue in French cottage shutters, or the yellow/orange glow of a Lake Michigan sunset, I enjoy capturing the beauty of the world around me in my work. I feel God has inspired me in my pursuit of art that has guided me in meeting many wonderful new friends and enjoying incredible experiences. When you look at my journals and paintings, I hope they bring a smile to your face and that you feel my joy and love of life that I enjoy sharing with others.
Much of my time is spent traveling.  While some of those travels are for plein air painting, watercolor journaling has become an important focus. I always travel with a camera, a journal and a watercolor travel box.  My watercolor journals become their own works of art, capturing all the wonderful moments from my trips so that I can relive them in my studio paintings.

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