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Christina Poulengeris is a British Greek-Cypriot artist, born in London. After completing an honours B.A. degree in History at Oxford University and also attending art classes at the world-renowned John Ruskin School of Art at the same time, Christina went on to do an art course at Perugia University, Italy where she took classes in sculpture and life drawing. In Perugia her sculptures were shortlisted and chosen to be exhibited at the University Gallery.
She worked as a History teacher in Cyprus while painting and selling artwork. She has been practicing as an artist since 2005 and has sold her work to private collectors in Cyprus and Greece, while having exhibited in Italy and currently preparing for her next exhibition in Nicosia, Cyprus. She also received training at a Greek-Cypriot studio in Cyprus for many years and in 2018 she attended a sculpture studio in Athens, Greece, where she sold many of her sculptures.
Christina is currently working from her studio in Athens, Greece while working on a new body of paintings, focusing on Greek and Cypriot landscape histories. In her practice she focuses on topographical scenes and nature patterns across borders, concentrating on the complexity of skies and land. Mainly painting in oil but also using pastel and water colour, she focuses on the changing nature of scenery across lands from her travels  including Zimbabwe, Italy, Cyprus, Greece, and England.

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