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Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Christina Fore. The mediums that I work with are, oil, acrylic, graphite, and watercolor. My main subjects are flowers and people. My art comes from the heart which is expressed through painting and drawing. There is delight in creating a painting from years of learning different art techniques. Also, I have volunteered at a local Library and Elementary School in teaching adults and children in how to create a water color painting. As an artist I enjoy fostering others in their creativity. 
I think about how God created us in his image and how everything he creates is beautifully created.  When I do a drawing or painting I look wholeheartedly at the subject. I look at one's picture for character of that person.  The joy in creating that portrait with accuracy and honing in on the very likeness of that person takes time. By having a good picture of that person or flower I paint, is important. I enjoy working from images on the computer or I study the subject on paper. 

The other creative flow for me is learning new techniques.  I find excitement in learning what I can incorporate into my art. I also learn by working with other artist. I will attend their art classes to further learn more art skills. I believe all artist are continually learning. When there is a passion in your heart, it continually grows through time in doing the work. By creating a new painting or drawing it fuels my passion! It gives me great pleasure inside when creating a wonderful painting or drawing. 

The famous artist from the past like Georgia O’Keeffe that inspired me to paint large flowers and John Singer Sargent with his famous portraits as well as Margaret Holland Sargent in her famous portraits.  There are several artist I admire [...]

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