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1940 in Switzerland, Christian Oesch spent part of his childhood in Persia and Lebanon. Graduated 1967 as an architect from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, he spent many years working in several countries in the Middle East, in Africa as well as in Europe, among others in Switzerland and France.
I985 first courses with various well known artists, followed by extensive study trips in Europe, USA, South America and Asia, mainly sketching and  painting architectural subjects and portraits.
His drawings with pen, ink or pencil and his paintings in water-color are somehow a report of a traveller – curious about culture, history, about people and their life – made on the spot.
Water-color painting means reduction to the essential: “as little as possible, as much as necessary”.
Several hours of dialogue with the object, the drawing paper, pen, ink or brush and the weather conditions, colors, forms, the environment, sounds and noise, smells and scents, passing of curious people – all together combined are part of the final result, the drawing or painting…….. a long process, not always ending in a master piece!
The process of ways of seeing a drawing or painting should stimulate the imagination of the viewer. This can more easily be done if the viewer’s eye has to complete some “unfinished” or “hidden” parts of the drawing or painting. This leads to a dialogue, from the viewer to the drawing or painting, back and forth, a dynamic participation. His or her imagination leads to a unique personal interpretation.

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