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I airbrush because it relaxes me, a blank canvas and an airbrush in hand is where I find my Zen. I love the way that I can make any still moment come to life with a hand-held tool and a flow of paint. Airbrushing gives me my own unique way of connecting with my late Father and Brother as they were both painters.
Some of my favorite pieces include wildlife, domesticated animals, portraits, movie scenes, the ocean, athletic instances, and religious figures. Observing wildlife is one of my favorite hobbies, I love to recreate what I see in the lives of these beautiful animals, painting the moments in wildlife where peace and calamity were captured. I have recently been getting requests to paint dogs that have passed away; I love seeing the owners’ reaction when they look into their pets’ eyes and feel as if they are really there. I adore painting portraits, focusing on the little details making each feature look realistic. I have always enjoyed movies especially old movies, and painting scenes from these movies allows me to recreate some of my favorite scenes in my own way. The ocean is such a magnificent creation, I love to recreate what I see in nature and I enjoy creating a peaceful moment of stillness in the chaotic water. Being an ex-professional baseball player, I have a passion for painting highlights of baseball games, I find it fascinating that with a still image an entire moment can be relived as if it was happening right in front of your eyes. I savor the moments that I am inspired to paint religious images, I love embedding my work with powerful meanings. Airbrushing allows me to express all the images I have in my mind and the best part is seeing the joy my [...]

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