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As a child spending summers on the coast of Maine, I absorbed my surroundings and was absorbed by them.  The intensity of the bright light and deep shadows, the quiet sparkle of the morning sea, the deep greens, reds and gold of the marsh, the sounds and smell of the surf and the afternoon clouds reflected in the water are among the experiences that drew me to painting.  It has continued to be my goal to draw the viewer into the sense of wonder that I feel on this planet that is spinning through space with all of us going on a grand journey.
For 35 years, I was a sculptor of whimsical clay creations known as the Raku Zoo.  My work was sold in contemporary craft galleries across the country, to individual collectors, as well as being part of corporate collections.  The whimsical and colorful animal imagery included animal whistles, Noah's Arks, nativities and large animals that were hand built and raku fired.  I retired from this work 5 years ago and have been  to pursuing my interest in painting.
I began painting watercolors as a child.   Ten years ago, I began my work in oils by studying with a number of artists whose work I admired.  I find that the total absorption of the act of painting to be  unlike any other experience I have had.  The mind and heart are working together, solving problems and making choices.  Technical skills, knowledge of the medium, principles of art and design, are essential.  Beyond these skills is that of drawing the viewer in and communicating an emotion, a thought, a moment in time, a simple pleasure.  I strive to let the intuitive side hold the brush.
I paint both in the studio and en plein air.  I find the latter is essential to sense and feel what is around me.  I [...]

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