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Nature is God’s gift to humans. Appreciate it as you would your most valued possession. 


Chris Gold is a resident of York, PA who starts painting later in life.  Her creative journey begins in 1999 when her daughter comes home from school with a pot she has made in her ceramics class. They begin taking private lessons together and she discovers the joy of creating something functional from a lump of clay. After 14 years of being frustrated with the occasional unfixable failures coming from her kiln, she feels she needs a different medium for her creative outlet.  In addition to the increasing mound of failed pots, she also finds that pottery does not allow for the degree of self-expression she desires.
 As a child she grows up being fascinated watching her father paint with colorful, creamy oil paints, so in 2013 she picks up a brush to try it for herself.   She begins with less costly acrylic paint, but finds it dries too quickly to be workable for her.  After finding some confidence in her painting skill set, she adds oils to her repertoire which dry more slowly and bring more richness and pliability to her pieces.   Paint is now her chosen medium because it allows her the flexibility to change a work to suit her aesthetic through to completion.   She also finds painting a better vehicle to express her appreciation of the God given feminine strength and beauty she finds in nature.  
Her art education is not a formal one, but rather gained by taking workshops and classes from local professionals.  Always hungry to keep learning she enrolls in art classes and workshops regularly. She classifies herself a representational painter leaning into Impressionism.  She finds pure realism too constraining and strives for a balance between what she actually sees in her environment and how she would like to see it.  Some of her [...]

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