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Chris considers himself a native of Utah given that he has lived there for over 30 years.  He was born in Sweden and raised in Southern California where he received an extensive technical education along with a minor in fine arts.  Since he retired he has basically been self taught by studying master artists through museums, galleries, books and DVD’s along with select workshops.  
Chris started painting in the fall of  2010, focusing mostly on faces.  His primary objective was to portray feelings, and the general mood of the subject.  Chris says "My goal, is for the viewer to see something entertaining.  I want my paintings to read well at a distance as well as up close.  I also want the viewer to hear the narrative and to feel the emotions of the story."
He chooses his subjects based on the mood they portray and the way light plays across their facial features.  Chris would rather work from candid photographs since the subject is less likely to look “posed”.  “Candid shots have a tendency to reveal more of our emotions and personality.”  
Chris prefers watercolor over other mediums because, by their nature, they tend to be more evocative.  “The colors are pure and many are truly transparent which can be used to create luminosity that cannot be equaled in other mediums”.  “Working in watercolor is exciting and adventurous.  It seems to have a mind of its own and many times will provide you with wonderful serendipitous events and other times it can lead to disappointment.” 
Chris' paintings hang in private and corporate collections across America.    
Chris is a signature member of Dixie Watercolor Society and a member of Utah Valley Artist Guild where he served on the board for several years.   


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