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A   passionate soul, a loving heart and an inquisitive mind, Chouaieb Saidi is a full-life artist
 ďLife itself is a white canvas, it is what we make of itĒ says the artist. He adds:Ē I want mine to be a celebration of diversity unified in a poetic harmony, this is for me the essence of beauty. Thanks to art, my life-journey has been just that; a keepsake mosaic of places Iíve visited, moments Iíve shared, people Iíve met, faces Iíve painted,  and souls Iíve touched through art. People, the hundreds of thousands Iíve come across, are my fascinating source of inspiration and learning. I enjoy the uniqueness of each human being while I embrace the diversity of cultures, manners and expressions. I think good intentions is what keeps us all in harmony. Light is what I value the most, for all that it allows me to seeĒ.
 Born in Tunisia in 1965, Chouaieb owes his early talent to a warm gifted family of artists, and to a sunny Mediterranean climate. He attributes his broad knowledge and expertise in visual arts and design to generations of master-artists and great teachers, added to his early passion for art and his extended experience of daily practice in fine arts, conceptual art and design. His experience has been honed by an extensive travel around the world. Chouaieb is fluent in English, French and Arabic. He is also able to communicate in several other languages.
Beside the diversity of his mediums, techniques and subject matters, Saidi is largely appraised for his fascinating live-drawing and painting demonstrations of portraiture from live-modeling.
Saidiís education includes [...]

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