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I have been painting for over 35 years, and have explored many different types of mediums. Originally painting with watercolors for many years, I have also experimented with colored pencil, acrylics and oil bars. Through the years I have supplemented my natural ability with instructional courses striving to become an accomplished artist. I credit my achievements to the fact that I have always painted what I enjoy. First and foremost, "paint what interests you" , is what I would advise any artist. After taking several years off to raise my three boys, I returned to my passion for painting and now I paint exclusively with acrylics. My love for landscapes, animals and coastal areas are what inspires me. Working in my studio I begin each painting with a loose sketch on a tinted canvas, then add color and detail. Although subject is important, I am mostly attracted to the composition, light, color and contrast. I rarely refer back to my original source after starting my painting. Eventually my creative imagination takes over and my painting develops into something much different then it started out to be. Many have have characterized my work as lively, juicy and fresh. I have two goals in mind. First, I want to create a painting that is unpredictable and spontaneous, and second, for the final product to be aesthetically balance and beautiful. Most of all I want to become a fulfilled and first-class painter.

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