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Ex-jockey turns artist.My journey to here has been with horses most of my life. I have been a horse crazy fool all my life. I had no horse of my own, nor was I from a horse family, so I drew horses and studied about and read every horse story I could find. My teachers didn't really like my decorating every paper and text book with little running horse around the boarders!But it caused me to study and learn anatomy and training techniques from every source I could find. There were very few things available way back then and you had to gather what ever you could because I had to know how they thought, and how they acted and reacted. So much is now out there, for a horse crazy person to learn, now. There are thousands of books and videos, and clinics now. They were a mystery that I had to unlock by myself, not having any horsemen close to me. I had to figure most of it out on my own!I drew nice little fantasy horses, mostly Arabs, as a kid, but was not satisfied with what I was doing. I want my horses to be real, because I didn't have a real one! Seek and you will find! Long story shortened. I did get a horse, and began to meet horsemen who did help me learn to see. I learned what a good horse looked like, by looking at real race horses. Running Quarter Horses that is, but good and correct crosses all breed lines. I learned what good conformation was and why it meant speed, and what was correct and what was crooked and led to unsoundness. Seeing was the key!I was hooked of course..........Shades of the Black Stallion, I wanted to be a jockey!And It [...]

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