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After studying art for several decades with many professional artists and schools from the East Coast to the West Coast, I am finally debuting my first collection at the Camano Island Beach 1 Gallery. 
In my early twenties I studied at the Museum of Fine Arts (now the Glassell School of Art) in Houston, Texas, under the tutelage of Arthur Turner and Dick Wray.  It was here where my life’s passion of expression through art was ignited and cultivated.  I later studied design with John Massimino at the Paier School of Art (now the Paier College of Art) in New Haven, Connecticut, and delved into three-dimensional art in clay and metal under the guidance of Yale art professors at the Creative Arts Workshop.  I built my own potter’s wheel and took classes with Tom Schaffer at his studio on the edge of town. 
Years later I took my first classical drawing lesson with Gary Faigin at the School of Realistic Art (now the Gage Academy of Art) in Seattle, Washington, and continued my studies with Margaret Davidson, Juliette Aristides, and Charles Emerson, whose class on color awakened my perceptions of color in the world like never before.  I could see beauty and a multitude of colors in something as mundane as pavement – even in the dark of night!  I studied pastel painting with Joe Lessor in Bremerton, Washington, and acrylic painting with Rudy Coffing.  I traveled to Italy for a special watercolor workshop by Kay Barnes and continued classes with her afterward.  I also studied watercolor with Deanne Lemley, who was a former student of Sergei Bongart.
I enjoyed the last 13 years immersed in the art community of beautiful Camano Island.  I took workshops, classes, and open life drawing sessions with many notable visual artists, including Dianna Shyne, Jed Dorsey, Jeffrey O’Malley, [...]

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