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Cheryl Schoenberger has been interested in art all of her life.  As a small child, she was constantly drawing. She has been studying with Wei Lo in Montrose, CA, for the last six years.  Her main emphasis is oils, although she has worked in watercolors also.  Cheryl has done commission portraits of individuals and families.  She enjoys depicting period scenes from the 1800's. As a historical reenactress, she strives for period accuracy, even making the clothes her models wear.  She resides in California with her husband, of 32 years, and their son.
Thank you for visiting my website and for showing interest in my paintings.  That tells me that you are a person who appreciates and knows the value of beauty in your life.
Beauty is an attribute of God.  King David said he longed to dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of his life to behold the beauty of the Lord.  (Psalm 27:4)  In that sense, we can hardly comprehend what true beauty is.  Somehow it involves the holiness of God.
I believe that God is the Creator of all things, and this has directed my approach to light and shadow.  When God spoke light into existence with the words, "Let there be light," a whole new realm of beauty was created.  He "saw that the  light was good; and separated the light from the darkness," and ever since artists have been intrigued with that light and resulting shadow on a form.
Every artist borrows from God's creation and incorporates what he sees into a creation of his own.  This is an affirmation that God's creation is supreme.  That light that He made, and the resulting shadow it caused, enhance the beauty of the form, drawing the focus away from one area to another.  Yet for a [...]

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