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Based in rural Clarks Valley near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, CHERYL PETERS finds inspiration from nature and her extensive travels with husband Tom, both in the States and abroad.  Peters has always enjoyed photography as an art form.  Even though she is able to view the world through the keen lens of a photographer, she has received no formal art education. Astonishingly, until her retirement in 2001, Peters has had a full career in State Government as a Certified Government Financial Manager.   
CHERYL PETERS started her second act gradually by taking up painting on porcelain in 2003 and then expanded into watercolor, portrait sketching, oil, and acrylic.  She has since developed her own unique style and furthered her artistic skills by attending workshops, tutorials, and being connected to online social media groups with her fellow painters.
Peters latest group of works is exclusively in acrylic.  The artist typically utilizes photographic images she has taken as the basis for her paintings.  "A painting may begin with a particular approach in mind," remarked Peters, "but once started, it takes on a life of it's own."  Like a great musical performance, Peters usually prepares the surface of her painting with a prelude of underpainting in textured monotone before filling in the base colors, shadows, and highlights.   She has sought to bring a sense of tranquility to her viewers. "I find a peace when painting that I find nowhere else and I want the viewer to feel that as well."
(excerpted from a press release for Songs of Peace, Beauty and Tranquility:  Impressionist Paintings by Cheryl Peters, prepared by Lebanon Picture Frame and Fine Art Gallery)
Art Association of Harrisburg
York Art Association
National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society
Acrylic Painters USA

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