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I work as a full-time artist and art instructor in Calgary, Alberta. I’ve been painting in oil for over 20 years, and enjoy creating paintings of our local landscape, urban scenes, interiors, still life and animals.
In 2014, I began ‘plein air’ painting – painting outdoors from life. It opened me to a new way of seeing and living as an artist. I like knowing that I’ve spent time experiencing each location I’ve painted. This connects me to my work more intimately than if I’d just snapped a photo for a reference, then moved along. As a result, my paintings (both plein air and the studio work it inspires) become more compelling, authentic, and are more joyful to create.
The primary inspiration behind my work is light. I love that the time of day, weather and season all work to create different lighting conditions, climate and mood. With the variety of weather we enjoy in Alberta, I’m able to tell a different story each time I paint. I paint outside year-round.
As an art teacher, I believe that the ability to be artistic is not solely innate. It can also be learned and developed. Each person’s art is an expression of their unique ‘voice’ – their thoughts, emotions and beliefs. My goal is to help my students find, develop and grow confidence in the creative expression of this voice.
When I’m not in my art studio, I love to pursue creative pastimes. I enjoy exploring both Alberta and Saskatchewan – camping, and taking photos. I love to read, listen to music, attend live theatre, and spend time with my husband Steve, and our dogs.
I hope you enjoy my work.
Cheryl Peddie Fine ArtTel: 403-201-6532
Email: [email protected]
Accomplishments & Awards
2022 - Juried artist at the Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival, Nova Scotia2019-2020 Juried artist at the Hockaday Museum Glacier [...]

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