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  • Price Range: $50.00 - $4,500.00
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"Beauty Is Truth, Truth Beauty" John Keats wrote that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” and I certainly agree. I paint to share with others my excitement about the beauty and truth of the visual world. Mostly in oils and sometimes watercolor, I paint landscapes en plein air. Small studies from life are often a gratifying step toward larger landscapes, created back in the studio. An everyday scene, a lingering sunset, a misty mountain, rocks glistening in a stream—any of these may inspire a piece. I am arrested and fascinated by God's magnificence as reflected in this ever-changing world. Working from life, I delight in the way seasons, atmospheres and changing light alter and enrich scenes and views. Light and weather bring dramatic changes. Once, in a single afternoon at Black Balsam, I completed four different visions of the same scene in a near-trance state. Human interaction with urban environments intrigues me, too. With cityscapes, I explore this theme, in which buildings, vehicles, people, streets, sidewalks, trees and plants combine to reflect the city's mood. Urban lights can impart a carnival feel at night, while rain and figures with umbrellas may add a note either somber or joyful. Wet pavements are inspiring. The myriad aspects of a city scene can stop me dead. My paintings invite an emotional response in viewers. I want to spark memories. I want to stimulate the viewer's imagination. In fantasy, I participate in the viewer’s joy.
Warehouse Studios, 170 Lyman St., Asheville, NC
Asheville Gallery of Art, 82 Patton Ave., Asheville, NC Seven Sisters Gallery, Cherry St., Black Mountain, NCUp Against the Wall Gallery, Kingsport, TN (by appointment 828-450-1104) BS, Art Education, Jacksonville State University MA, Art History, [...]

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