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Life is full of challenges, that's why it is interesting.  Boredom serves no purpose.


Cheryl Goettemoeller  (gŏt • ᾰ • mō-ler)    
• yes, it's a long last name
• the phonetic sounds have proven helpful
• it's easier than you think - every third letter is an "e" ... and every other one has an "o" before it
I am an artist who loves to paint, create and travel. I primarily use oil paints but enjoy most any medium. Often times, I paint initial small sketches to serve as reference for larger paintings or sometimes just as a record of something interesting in life.  I love color and light and consider them my favorite tools.
I’m married to another artist, he is a musician. We have a family together and our children also  practice art as an important fulfillment to their lives. Much of my art is inspired by music, family and nature. I try to poetically weave those elements together in everything I make.
Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, I experienced nature as an everyday occurrence. Plants, animals, open land and beauty were endless enjoyments. Long bike rides wove through the countryside, and gave me ample opportunity to paint outdoors. After graduating from college, I began my career as a medical illustrator. I worked in a research center painting and drawing scientific images that were used in medical books. In other words, somebody draws the step-by-step illustrations that you find in surgical journals and anatomy books. That was me. I loved the work and its importance in medical education.
I completed my Masters of Fine Arts degree in California, which projected me into additional directions of art. I now paint and create most everyday of my life. My subject matter has expanded from the medical to landscapes, figurative, still-lifes and portraiture. Teaching has also become a big part of my artistic expression. I was invited to become part [...]

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